3Z Telecomunication

3Z Telecom Brand CTIA2015 Experience – Incredibly powerful face-to-face marketing delivered in an atmosphere designed with today’s most modern design trends in mind.
Because the product offerings are cutting edge and part of the ever-evolving tech industry, it is very important to not only stay current with your technologies but also stay as current with how you represent your culture as a brand. With our simplistic and modern 10x 20 trade show booth design, 3Z Telecom communicates to its audience that the product offering is that of the same – simple, easy to integrate and the highest caliber tech wireless solutions on the market, not resorting to “bells and whistles” rather clear and clean communication of who you are.

  • Booth Design
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The signage solutions presented consider the brand color palette & personality while applying the leading aesthetic
trends for sign display in the technology industry.

Finishes & Furniture

The use of organic wood textures combined with sleek modern white surfaces with silver & green accents in perfect
square shapes follows suit for industry/category trends. The open (clean) spaces in the general booth area help to
showcase the graphics for better readability & heightened probability of visitors capturing key information.

Best Foot Forward

Maintaining and up-to-date booth aesthetic reinforces that the product offering of 3Z Telecom is also as up-to-date.
With this booth design, which has considered industry, product & marketing trends, we believe you are positioned to
have an superior presence at CTIA2015, representing 3Z telecom as the ultimate wireless solution on the market.