TOA Booth Design

Booth 629 in the Super Yachts tent at FLIBS2015, is all about the experience! In this 20×20 inline exhibit we will immediately capture visitors attention by recreating the feeling of being whisked away by Tropic Ocean Airways to a luxurious destination on land or sea.

Walking into the booth, visitors will instantly be embraced by the TOA ESP (emotional sales proposition) of luxury convenience at your finger tips.

Our goal is for attendees to envision themselves using your services and ultimately buying into them. We want to place them at the scene and make them feel a part of TOA.

Considering all three sales propositions – private charters, scheduled flights and yacht provisioning services, the display will focus on “luxury of the experience” as this is the common denominator of all 3 services. We will emphasize yacht provisioning services in the main displays to recreate a scene to highlight this service.

When attendees walk into the booth, they will be wowed by a high class tropical oasis. Far from a cheesy tiki bar with flower leis, we will build out a slightly elevated centerpiece gangway, that will dually serve as storage with a pull top door. This gangway will lead to a beautiful panoramic water view backdrop with the plane coming in. Use of the gangway creates space dividers in the booth to cordon off sections without closing the space with high walls. The gangway will pan off at the back wall to a private meeting area (flush to the panoramic ocean view) for TOA and Textron Aviation to conduct business. To the right side of the gangway will be the reception area with counter and the left side used for the flush mount monitor for video play/further work space area and promotional display opportunities.

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