Aluminum Slatwall

Bulk Slatwall — 1” on Center, Satin Anodized

Aluminum etched and satin anodized complements all environments.

  • 1” on center aluminum alloy.
  • Etched & clear satin anodized.
  • Lightweight & strong.
  • Beautiful, modern design.

Tons of standard accessories fit our slatwall

  • Face Outs.
  • Baskets.
  • Signage.
  • Lit. Holders.
  • Jewelry Displays.
  • Shelf Brackets.

Single Sided Wall Mount Panels

All aluminum, clear satin anodized. Handsome finishing trim on two sides. Accepts all standard slat wall accessories.

Revolver Slatwall Stands

Modern and contemporary, 1” on center slatwall, satin anodized finish.

  • Lazy Susan Swivel Base.
  • Saves on Floor space.
  • Double Sided.
  • Great for retail.