Philippines Trade Commission

The booth concept responds to the essence of The Philippines as a natural paradise and as a fun destination. We provide an overall fresh and tropic look and feel a representation by the use of wood, bright colors, foliage. Its geometry is based on the functionality defined by the tasks described on the project brief. The stand configuration is based on an octagon and divides the area in 8 equal spaces for the 8 tour operators with the same level of hierarchy. The center is a common area for meeting with access from each of the 8 spaces helping the traffic around the stand. Four(4) huge light boxes (96 x 96) are placed around the area with bright and colorful pictures that sell the concept “IT’S FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES”.
The header on top of the common meeting area has the logos that respond to the overall message about The Philippines.
Ivy Leaf Garland Plants Vine Foliage, both are hanging from the top of the header all the way down isolating the meeting area from the rest without limiting the visibility for tour operators to be able to perceive the availability of this area.